2 minutes to learn, a bit more to be Worldchampion !

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GooaAAAal ! is a dice game based on soccer which :


- can be played from 7 years old on. (It is easy to adapt the rules to the audience)

- can be played, no matter the number of players. (Tournament or other rules can be used)

- can be played anywhere from ground floor to soccer mat.(Different types of dice available)

fits both fans and non soccer fans. (Rules are made to be simple enough for all)

- is accessible to all (From the JUNIOR Pack up to the COLLECTOR editions)



Either in bulk or in teams made of 4 die each, start having fun with this soccer based dice game


9 colourful dice per team for quick games with 2 or more players.



Made in France, this limited version is available for up to 26 countries. If yours is not yet available, become the first one having it !